US Subsidizing Small Businesses in UKRAINE!

Did you know you are funding far more than just Ukraine’s military effort?

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While Americans are struggling to make ends meet thanks to Bidenomics, the people of Ukraine are cashing in.

The US has already doled out 44 billion in military aid, but that’s not all.

An ADDITIONAL 25 billion of your tax dollars is funding things such as seed and fertilizer for Ukrainian farmers, salaries for first responders, and support for small businesses.

Yes, money is even going to subsidize a Ukrainian knitwear company in order to keep the business afloat.

Wow, doesn’t that give you the warm and fuzzies?!

Your American small business might be hanging on by a thread but you can feel good about yourself knowing you are involuntarily keeping someone else’s store in another country afloat.

Keep in mind, Ukraine is ranked the second most corrupt country in Europe, right alongside rival Russia in the top spot.

But hey, let’s just keep sending more of our hard earned dollars over there and hope for the best!

This is an abomination and an outrage.

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