Target to Close 9 Stores Thanks to Theft & Thuggery

This big box woke retailer is forced to close several stores thanks to skyrocketing theft and crime.

Can you guess the store?

I’m Tomi Lahren, find out next.

On the woke scale, Target ranks up there with the best of the worst and now it’s coming back to bite them square in the pocketbook.

Target will close 9 of its stores including the East Harlem location in New York City, two locations in Seattle, three locations in Portland, and three locations in San Francisco and Oakland, citing the huge toll theft and organized crime have taken on stores, inventory and employee safety.

Target previously estimated a loss of about $500 million this year due to theft.

The company admitted added security and other anti-theft strategies weren’t enough.

These areas are just too dangerous and the juice ain’t worth the squeeze!

I wouldn’t be surprised if brick-and-mortar stores cease to exist in 10 years. I don’t care how loving and liberal these corporations want to act like they are… None of them can sustain this level of looting and shoplifting so get ready to be buying everything online!

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