Tonight, Americans can tune into the second GOP presidential debate hosted by FOX Business and Univision. The moderators–Dana Perino, Stuart Varney, and Ilia Calderón–will guide the discussion for the seven candidates on the stage, addressing the issues that voters are most concerned about. The job of the moderator can be a difficult one, tasked with creating debate while maintaining civility. On the Rundown, FOX Business’ Stuart Varney says this debate will have all the candidates “pressing hard to make a breakthrough.” On the podcast, he explains how this debate will give candidates a chance to discuss big-picture issues for the economy and his plans to encourage more substantive debate between the contenders on stage.

The latest FOX News poll shows that former President Donald Trump remains the party’s frontrunner, with nearly a fifty-point lead ahead of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. However, Trump will remain absent from the debate stage this week, maintaining his promise to not participate in any GOP primary debates. After candidates like Nikki Haley and Vivek Ramaswamy made headway in the first debate, now candidates are seeking break-out moments the second time around. Karl Rove, former senior advisor, Deputy White House Chief of Staff, and FOX News Contributor, joins the Rundown to reflect on what the candidates did well the first time around and explain why early national polls are not an indicator of the eventual nominee.

Plus, commentary by Republican strategist and co-founder of South & Hill Strategies, Colin Reed.