Kamala’s New Job

Gird your loins, America! Kamala Harris has a new job.

I’m Tomi Lahren, find out next.

Vice President Kamala Harris hasn’t accomplished much of anything during her tenure but that didn’t stop Joe’s White House from giving her yet another task to either fail at or completely ignore altogether.

So here it is..drumroll please..Kamala will now serve as the administration’s “gun czar” where she will oversee the White House’s first “Office of Gun Violence Prevention.”

Well folks, this is concerning for many reasons but notably, because of Kamala’s track record of success with her other special jobs, like the border.

If her performance as “gun violence czar” is anything like her performance as “border czar…” well I think we are all at risk of being murdered.

And if she thinks she gonna come for our Second Amendment rights, she’s dumber than we thought!

I would again like to reiterate that a vote for Joe Biden in 2024 is a vote for Kamala Harris. If that doesn’t comfort you or if- like me- the thought gives you heart palpitations, please educate your Democrat friends before they cast their mail-in ballots!

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