Maren Morris Leaves Country Music- AMEN

Former Country Singer Maren Morris announced she is leaving the genre we’ve been asking her to leave for years.

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Country Music has been trending woke thanks to executives who have no idea who their audience actually is.

But luckily, over the last few months actual country music fans have been fighting back against that mind virus.

Apparently that has triggered singer Maren Morris who announced she is leaving the genre because it’s not open-minded enough and doesn’t cater enough to women and queer people.

She also made sure to note that the “Trump era” contributed to her decision to part ways from the genre she should’ve never been in, in the first place.

But this was welcome news to country music fans. She didn’t leave us, we left her and we haven’t looked back since.

We wish Maren the best of luck in whatever genre will take her.

Don’t let the barn door hit you on the way out, hun!

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