Illinois Does Away with Cash Bail- What Could Go Wrong?!

Illinois has become the first state to get rid of the cash bail system.

I wonder what could go wrong?!

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

No-cash bail policies are wreaking havoc on every single city that implements them but the entire state of Illinois looked at that horrible track record and thought, let’s make it a state-wide initiative! What could go wrong, except everything?!

So as of this week, if you commit what the felon-coddling crowd deems a “low level misdemeanor” you will be given a court date and released. If you do something really bad, a judge will determine if you can be released before trial or not.

Even if you commit murder, the judge can decide to let you out and just hope you’ll be a good little boy or girl!

This is billed as spreading equity and fairness but we all know what it really is, it’s felon coddling and will only work to make every single city and town in Illinois less safe and more lawless.

You think crime is out of control now? Just wait till this free-for-all sets in and good luck.

You get what you vote for!

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