Senate Goes Casual for Fetterman

The Senate has scrapped its informal dress code so Fetterman can wear basketball shorts and hoodies to work.

Because apparently “sloppy” is the new “professional.”

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They say you should dress for the job you want, not the job you have. So in that case Senator John Fetterman apparently wants to be a video gamer who lives in his mom’s basement…classy.

But now Fetterman will feel a little more at home in the US Senate because Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has done away with the chamber’s informal dress code.

Now Senators can just choose to wear whatever the hell they damn well please on the Senate floor, not like it’s a sacred, historic and honorable place or anything like that.

Now it’ll be more like Chuck E-Cheese and I guess Democrats are fine with that.

I don’t care what medical issues Fetterman struggles with, there is no excuse to wear basketball shorts and hoodies to work- anywhere- but especially the US Senate.

The world is laughing at us.

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