Lyft Unveils New Non-Binary Driver Selection Feature

The rideshare app, Lyft, is launching a new feature for women and non-binary riders and just wait till I tell you about it..

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Everything in 2023 is centered around gender choice and pronouns, and that now includes transportation.

Yep, the ride share app, Lyft, is unveiling a new feature in select cities that “lets women and nonbinary drivers prioritize passengers who fit the same description.”

Lyft calls it “Women+ Connect” and they say it’s designed to make women and non-binary people feel safer and more comfortable but I call BS!

If drivers can “identify” as whatever the heck they want… how is that supposed to make actual women feel safer if they select a female driver who is actually male but masquerades as a female?

This doesn’t do anything to improve safety and is just another stupid corporate virtue signal designed to score diversity equity and inclusion points.

What’s next? Will Lyft allow riders to pick the race of their driver?

This is absurd and discriminatory and another Leftist delusion that should be filed in the marketing trash can!

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