The year was 1988, and the United States was in the midst of heightened geopolitical turmoil with the Soviet Union. When retired U.S. Army Sergeant Clyde Conrad was suspected of espionage and arrested by German authorities, the FBI began interviewing Roderick Ramsay as a witness. However, one nervous tic would lead investigators to uncover that Ramsay was a co-conspirator, and provided the Soviet Union with confidential military secrets that could have changed the course of the Cold War.
Former FBI Special Agent Joe Navarro was able to detect Rod Ramsay’s lies. He reflects back on the 42 interviews he conducted with him and shares how he was able to bring down the dangerous Cold War spy ring. Later, Joe debunks common myths and misconceptions when it comes to reading body language.

Joe Navarro spent 25 years with the FBI and remains one of the world’s leading experts when it comes to body language and nonverbal communication. An author, speaker, and educator, Joe has written many books about his career and expertise. In his book, Three Minutes to Doomsday, Joe details the riveting story behind the espionage case of Rod Ramsay.

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