The United Auto Workers have been on strike for five days, with the union issuing demands for higher pay from the big car companies, who they argue are overpaying their executives while underpaying their laborers. UAW President Shawn Fain organized an aggressive, unprecedented strike on assembly plants at Ford, General Motor and Stellantis. As the labor negotiations continue, President Biden has voiced support for the strike while former President Trump has shared criticism of UAW union leadership. Fox Business’ Jeff Flock joins the Rundown to explain Fain’s plans with this strike and the public support for the union. Later, former Labor Department economist Diana Furchtgott-Roth breaks down the politics and policies that drove workers towards this strike.

In Fairfax County, Virginia, parents have recently voiced concern about the race and gender education curriculum in their schools. Even on a national scale, the teaching of these topics in classrooms has become a major conversation on the 2024 campaign trail. From Governor Ron DeSantis introducing Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act to Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin banning schools from teaching “divisive concepts like critical race theory,” parents and politicians alike are paying more attention to the curriculum. On the Rundown, FOX Business’ Edward Lawrence, who is focusing on the curriculum controversy as part of FBN’s weeklong series on “Education in America,” shares why some parents are criticizing the public education system and details how different states are challenging these issues.

Plus, commentary from host of OutKick’s Tomi Lahren is Fearless, Tomi Lahren.