Soros Helped Fund Leftist TikTok Activists

Remember that “TikTok army” the Left assembled to make Joe look cool?

Well, guess who financed it?

I’m Tomi Lahren, find out next.

The woke Left knows their policies along with their elderly president aren’t resonating with young voters, so that’s why they created a network of hundreds of TikTok influencers and activists to make their communist agenda look “cool.”

And guess who helped fund that initiative? That’s right, the usual suspect, GEORGE SOROS!

His “Open Society Foundation” doled out $5.5 million to the nonprofit “Accelerate Action Inc” which then shelled out hundreds of thousands to another nonprofit “Gen Z for Change”- a network of activist influencers.

And their agenda items? Abolish border enforcement, defund the police, and no cash bail.

These activists have also been deployed to push gun control, COVID propaganda, and the endless funding of Ukraine.

When are Conservatives gonna get in the game? We sit here every 4 years and talk about it and meanwhile the Leftist activist cult has been doing it and SUCCEEDING for years.

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