Nancy Pelosi Running AGAIN?!

Why does Congress look like a privileged nursing home?!

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You’ve heard the saying, inmates running the asylum…well when it comes to the US government, the nursing homes patients are running the Capitol!

Look no further than 83-year-old Nancy Pelosi who has announced she is indeed running, again!

Months ago her husband Paul sang a different tune, signaling to the press that she was done but apparently, letting go of that power is easier said than done.

Look, Nancy is not my favorite person for obvious reasons but by all accounts she still appears to be mentally “with it.”

But beyond mental acuity, this begs the question, when is ENOUGH, ENOUGH!

What, is her stock portfolio not impressive enough after 36 years in office?!

She’s been in office 5 years longer than I’ve been ALIVE!

It’s time for a new generation of leadership, across the border and across parties!

Congress shouldn’t be a nursing home!

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