Some folks with less than stellar reputations may feel they are beyond God’s help or interest. Biblical phrases like “God is love” simply ring hollow for them because their life has been one big sinful escapade after another. Best-selling author and minister Pastor Max Lucado destroys that kind of thinking with something that may surprise people. He uses one of the patriarchs of the Bible, Jacob, the father of twelve sons that become the twelve tribes of Israel. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Lucado talks about his new book, “God Never Gives Up On You: What Jacob’s Story Teaches Us about Grace, Mercy, and God’s Relentless Love.” He writes, “If your halo never tilts, your faith never wavers, your Bible never closes, and your feet never stray form the straight and narrow, let me save some time. You won’t relate to this story.” Lucado makes it clear that God always works with faulted human beings, because frankly, that’s all there is. He makes the point that none of us is immune from sin… but that sin never hinders God’s love for us. Jacob’s story in the Old Testament shows us that “When we are at our lowest, God is watching over us from the highest.”