Poll after poll, shows a majority of voters believe that President Biden is too old for a second term, speculation has been spread that Democrats are working on a backup plan if the President is unable to continue his re-election campaign. An alternative that continues to be named, is California Governor Gavin Newsom. Democratic Strategist, Nationally Syndicated Radio Host, and FOX News Contributor Leslie Marshall weighs in on the traits that Governor Newsom has that would make him a viable alternative to President Biden, why both Democrats and Republicans always have a backup plan in place for candidates, and what it would take for the Governor to get into the 2024 race.

The focus continues to be on the 2024 presidential candidates. But what about Congress? When President Joe Biden took office the Senate was split fifty-fifty causing Vice President Kamala Harris to be the tiebreaker on many vital issues. During the 2022 Midterm Elections, Republicans were looking to win back control, but ultimately did not regain the majority, with Democrats even gaining a seat. Republicans are eager to try again in 2024, with the current Senate map providing many chances for the party to flip seats. The Senate and Governors Editor for The Cook Political Report, Jessica Taylor explains which races she is watching, why the Senate race in Arizona is so hard to predict, and what this means for the party moving forward.