Never Back Down’ PAC for DeSantis 2024 communications director Erin Perrine joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to shed light on how Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ conservative message is starting to resonate with voters throughout the country.

“I like to use the kind of phraseology where people aren’t shopping for Christmas trees in August. Voters aren’t engaged as of this point. But what they’re looking at is what they’re seeing on the news and the name they’re seeing the most. And so that’s where that’s tracking right now. But if you actually look at what’s going on right now on the ground in these early voting states, there was just a poll that came out in the Des Moines Register that has not only Governor DeSantis with the highest favorability of anybody in the field, you see that 61 percent of potential caucus goers are considering him as their choice. That’s a huge number for him. He has over 11,000 people already committed to caucus for him. We’ve knocked over 270,000 doors in Iowa. When it comes to winning and using Iowa and New Hampshire and South Carolina to build the momentum to go into Super Tuesday, there’s no candidate that’s out there campaigning and signing people up and winning voters the way Ron DeSantis is.”

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