Former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to share his thoughts on the gravity of the four indictments former President Trump is currently facing.

“Look, some of the cases, especially the ones from the States, in my opinion, well, the one from New York is a political hit job, and it’s a joke. I think the Georgia one is much too broad, sweeping. I think people, you know, have a point if they think it’s politically motivated. But I think the federal cases are very serious cases. And actually the Georgia case is serious in the sense that it’s going to be hard to dodge. So I do think there’s a chance he’ll be convicted, which doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll go to jail at the end of the day. I mean, everyone is sort of like, oh, 100 years in jail. No, no, you know, I hope we don’t put a former president in jail, but he could experience very heavy fines.”

Barr also gives his take on why Trump continues to have strong support among GOP primary voters, despite his mounting legal troubles.

“He sucks up a lot of the attention and deliberately makes all issues about him. But the other part of it is his pandering to his base by just constantly trying to play on their anger, pick the scabs and so forth. That’s a problem because when people sit back and sort of luxuriate in their anger, they’d rather feel angry than do anything. And I think a lot of the support for Trump is flipping the bird, you know, at the establishment or whatever they think they’re flipping the bird at, you know, man, I’m mad and hell, I’m going to stand by. And I think that’s selling the country down the river because anger isn’t a strategy. We have to sit back and see what’s happening to our country and say, how do we get out of this? How do we move the ball? And Ronald Reagan did that under similar circumstances in 1980 when he unified the party, won 44 states and then 49 states. And liberal was a dirty word for 20 years. And the only thing standing between us and doing that again, because most of the country is fed up with the progressives, is Donald Trump. He is a life support system for the radical progressives.”

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