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Bill Whittle joined Fox Across America to discuss the moon landing and its deniers.

“Here’s the real thing about it, though. About about the deniers, right. They can sit there and take potshots at the most minor things, although these, like, here’s a here’s a rock that’s got an odd shape crack on it. It must be letter C. It’s a prop rock or something. Yeah. And they say, therefore, we didn’t go in. And what no one is really doing is saying, okay, let’s just say you’re right. let’s just do that. So if we didn’t go, then what actually happened? Tell me. Tell me what happened. And Bill, they’ll say something was shot on a soundstage. Well, okay, well, if you shot it on a soundstage, then why did you, on later missions, put a car up there and drive the car live on on the surface of the soundstage for half an hour at seven miles an hour. Why do we cover 30 miles on the soundstage? Would anybody have said it didn’t happen if we didn’t have a car up there? Why do we go six times if it was on a soundstage? In fact, if we shot the thing on a soundstage, why do the astronauts have mirrored visors? You would think that those mirrors would do nothing but show cameras and lights and crew. And why did we do that? And then when you try to pin people down on an actual alternate explanation, they can never provide it. They just find one or two details out of the millions and millions of details. And as you see, that didn’t happen. That’s wrong. And then when you explain to them how that one is explainable, then they move on to the next one. And and I had to deal with this before. It’s annoying, but it’s also understandable.”

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