Naked Woman Goes Berserk on Bay Area Bridge

A naked woman goes berserk on a Bay Area interstate.

What happens in California, will hopefully stay in California!

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Earlier this week a naked woman got out of her car on the Bay Bridge going eastbound on interstate 80 and started firing a gun into the air and at other vehicles.

Now to some of you this might appear odd but remember this is California so..not really.

This caused maybe rush hour gridlock as California Highway Patrol was forced to close down Interstate 80’s eastbound lanes as well as a connector ramp.

Authorities found the naked woman walking the bridge and took her to the hospital for mental and physical evaluations.

This is actually the second time in less than a week that a Bay Area bridge was tied up by an “incident.” Last week the Richmond San Rafael Bridge was shut down in the eastbound direction due to a man having a mental health crisis for 19 hours.

Traffic in California is bad enough without vagrants and wackadoodles going buck wild and blocking traffic. Next time may I suggest having your psychotic breaks outside of the Governor’s Mansion?

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