NYC Mayor Says the City is “Full’

New York City Mayor Eric Adams tells migrants the city has no more room.

Weird, I thought sanctuary cities always had room?

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Sanctuary and New York City Mayor Eric Adams is complaining about illegal immigrants in his jurisdiction again.

His city plans to pass out fliers to illegal immigrants at the southern border letting them know they may not get any perks if they decide to come to New York City.

Mayor Adams also declared his city has no more room for these illegal immigrants and whines about the 90,000 the city has taken in since April of last year.

MILLIONS of illegals have entered this country under Joe Biden and Adams is complaining about the less than 100,000 his city has had to shoulder?!

How does he think border cities and towns feel as they are overrun, DAILY!

Adams says the big apple’s cup has runneth over and to that I say, SENDTH MORE!

Democrats want to allow illegal immigration? They should absorb the consequences of that!

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