NYC Is Coming for Your Pizza

New York Democrats aren’t coming for the criminals, but they are coming for your wood-fired pizzas.

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First it was gas stoves, and now it’s your pizza ovens.

In an effort to fight climate change, New York City’s Department of Environmental Protection has proposed a rule change would require pizzerias with coal and wood-fired ovens installed before 2016 to cut carbon emissions by 75%

These restaurant owners would be required to install an emission control device PLUS hire an engineer to inspect said emissions. And those devices aren’t cheap.

I spend quite a bit of time in New York City and the air is indeed disgusting, but it’s not thanks to pizza ovens, it’s thanks copious amounts of sidewalk urine and plumes of weed smoke.

Liberals man, imagine if they wanted to regulate criminals, thus and felons like they want to regulate gas stoves and freakin pizza ovens.

Why fight crime when you can fight pepperoni, cheese, sauce and weather!

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