No One Likes Kamala Harris

Turns out, no one likes Vice President Kamala Harris.

Go figure.

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Ladies, gentlemen there is one thing we can all agree on…Kamala Harris is the worst.

Joe Biden is a disaster, but as bad as he is, he is still not as bad as her.

A new NBC survey shows that nearly HALF of Americans have a negative opinion of the vice president and 39% have a VERY negative opinion of her.

And that poll, by the way, was made up of 42% self-identifying Democrats!

Kamala is so bad, the Democrats look at her and then look at Joe and then look at her and then look at Joe and they pick Joe.

But too bad for them, they’re kinda saddled with her. They’ve diversity picked their way into this corner and I’m really not sure how they’re gonna get out of it.

I think they can, but it’s gonna be expensive.

I still maintain the Democrats will run Gavin Newsom in 2024 but how they get out of their Kamala Harris situation will be fun to watch. Kind of like the passage of time, how time passes in this moment we call time.

Good luck!

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