No Pride Night for the Texas Rangers

The Texas Rangers remain the only team in Major League Baseball to not hold a Pride Night.

Can you believe this is controversial?

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The Texas Rangers are the lone rangers when it comes to rejecting politics in baseball. They remain the only MLB team not to hold a Pride Night since 2003.

And because we apparently now live in the “US of Gay” this is controversial and the franchise has had to answer for it.

But luckily, the Texas Rangers are not backing down telling media outlets they committed to making everyone feel welcome, and aren’t going to be playing politics.

THIS is how baseball and ALL professional sports SHOULD BE! Why is there now an expectation for ATHLETICS to be POLITICAL?!

Sports used to be a unifying escape for all fans, but these activist liberals are dead set on driving a wedge.

We don’t need to be washed in rainbows to be kind and tolerant fans. We don’t need to celebrate certain sexual preferences to be “open-minded.”

For the love of baseball, just let these teams and athletes do their jobs and play their sports.

Good for the Rangers. Hold strong!

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