Artificial intelligence is a rapidly evolving form of technology making its way into many facets of life. Now, the realm of law enforcement is looking at how A.I. can be used to assist investigations. Whether through crime scene analysis, autopsy examinations, or lie detection, A.I. offers various capabilities that could be incorporated when solving crimes. ER Physician and CEO of Convo GPT Dr. Harvey Castro explains how his A.I. software, “Sherlock Holmes,” can be used to provide users with information about various crimes. Later, he explores the potential that A.I. technology offers investigators as they work on various cases.

Dr. Harvey Castro is a medical professional, entrepreneur, and speaker on artificial intelligence. He’s authored many books which explore the capabilities of artificial intelligence in both the medical industry and the criminology field. In his book, Solving Infamous Cases With Artificial Intelligence, Dr. Castro examines the successes and limitations of artificial intelligence and its use in the world of forensic science.

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