Lulu, What the Heck?!

Two associates at a LuluLemon store near Atlanta have been FIRED after calling police on masked robbers.

The culture of lawlessness strikes again!

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Shoplifting is out of control in this country as thugs and degenerates take what they want and often with zero consequences.

This next story is testament to that. Two LuluLemon store associates were FIRED for chasing masked robbers out of their store and then calling police.

These thugs are known thieves and have mass shoplifted from the store multiple times over the last several months and these employees had enough!

They didn’t physically prevent the thugs from stealing but were both FIRED anyway.

Management cited the companies “no-tolerance’ policy, meaning LuluLemon doesn’t want their employees to impede the stealing process in any way.

What? Are you kidding me? We are truly living in the upside down where degenerates are allowed to run rampant and good folks have to sit back and watch.

I am disgusted. The inmates are running the asylum, literally!

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