On Memorial Day, we honor the men and women who served the U.S. military and tragically sacrificed their lives on behalf of the nation’s freedom. America has a long history of celebrating our fallen heroes and recounting their courageous battles. In “The Lost Victory: Tet 1968!” streaming now on FOX Nation, Pete Hegseth walks the audience through the surprise attack that laid siege against American forces in Vietnam and why it became such a momentous event during the Vietnam War. Fox & Friends Weekend co-host and Army National Guard veteran Pete Hegseth joins the podcast to explain how the Tet offensive changed Americans’ perception of the Vietnam War and the unkind treatment Vietnam War veterans received when they returned to the country. He later explains the importance of remembering our history, valuing what Memorial Day parades are really for, and what inspired him to serve his country.

Retired Marine Cole Lyle has experienced the nightmares, PTSD, and anxiety attacks that plague many veterans every day, leading many to take their own lives. After losing friends and battling suicidal thoughts himself, Lyle is now committed to providing veterans with the resources and support they need to recover their self-worth, serving as the President of the Working Warrior Foundation. In honor of Memorial Day, Lyle joins the Rundown to discuss different ways Americans can take meaningful action to help veterans, what steps he takes to help veterans in crisis, and the story of how his service dog Kaya inspired him to create ‘Kaya’s K9s,’ which seeks to help veterans in need of veterinary assistance for service dogs.

Plus, commentary by author of “The Long March Home,” Marcus Brotherton.