Target Reportedly Holds EMERGENCY Meeting to Avoid Being “Bud Lighted!”

Target holds an “emergency meeting” to deal with the backlash over the stores prominently displayed LGBTQ propaganda!

Will Target get the Bud Light treatment?

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If you’ve been to Target lately you’ve seen quite the showcase for the store’s pride-themed apparel and accessories.

These items go far beyond rainbows, they target kids and some of the items even feature “tucking pockets” for trans individuals.

Apparently and obviously, this hasn’t gone over so well with some store locations in the South.

In order to avoid the “Bud Light” situation, some stores in rural areas and particularly in the Bible Belt South, have reportedly moved their giant pride displays from the front of the store to the back.

That’s a good start but here’s what I want to know, why does Target feel the need to market and advertise sexual preferences to children? Do execs really think it’s appropriate to sell kid’s clothes with the word “queer” stamped all over it?

I don’t think most people have a problem with the rainbow symbol but this massive pride-line crosses a line.

I hope conservative consumers flex our muscles and buying power, once again!

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