Hillary Jabs Joe

Hillary Clinton takes a swipe at Sleepy Joe’s age.

That woman will never pass up an opportunity for a headline.

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

Joe Biden is old and he is slipping- figuratively and literally. You know it, I know it, anyone who listens to him, knows it- and apparently so does Hillary Clinton.

In an interview this week she said “people have every right to consider” Joe’s age and that it is indeed, an issue.

Look, we didn’t need Crooked Hillary to give us permission but her comment is telling and also right on brand, for her.

She acts like she’s this “ride or die” Democrat but don’t be fooled, if she sees an opportunity to throw a fellow Democrat under the bus, she will do it every time.

I just hope she isn’t plotting an election comeback tour. Never say never!

Even with Biden’s cognitive, economic, and global failings- he is still preferable to Hillary Clinton. I think anyone is, maybe even Kamala! The Democrat bench is not in great shape and they know it.

As for Hillary, at 75, she is no spring chicken either but her manipulative and calculated antics are sharp as a tack, I’ll give her that!

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