Host of “Tomi Lahren Is Fearless” on Outkick Tomi Lahren joins Fox Across America With guest host Joe Concha to shed light on how the Republican Party is not making enough of an effort to reach younger voters.

“We have no ground game to reach young people, outside of young people that are doing it like myself on social media. Right? So we’re doing the best we can, but the fact that we don’t have an institutional and organizational approach to this is a travesty. It’s an abomination. We can’t just keep catering to the 50 and above crowd. We need to reach young voters where they are, on social media. I’m not a TikToker. I don’t believe in spy balloons or spyware on my phone. But we need to reach them where they are, and that is through podcasting, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. We need to make sure we are reaching the young people because we will not win future elections if we just continue to call them weird and dumb and we don’t make an effort.”

Plus, Tomi gives her take on the current state of the 2024 GOP primary race. To hear what else she had to say to Joe, listen to the podcast!