Florida Republican Congressman Greg Steube joins Fox Across America With guest host Joe Concha to talk about how the GOP-controlled House can try and root out the corruption that exists within the FBI.

“I believe we have to use the power that we have in the House that the American people have given us to completely reform the FBI. And the way you do that is through the appropriations process. FISA is up for reauthorization in the next year. We don’t reauthorize FISA. We don’t reauthorize the FISA court. We start going after these certain entities that have been created by the FBI internally. And you defund them. You defund these different organizations and send a very strong message that we’re not going to stand for this type of activity. We’re not going to stand for the weaponization. And the mass majority of this is coming out of Washington, D.C.’s office. And so there’s a way to do that. And even Jim Jordan, in a press conference that we had right before the hearing yesterday said the same thing, he was asked the question, is this going to come with financial and reduced amounts for certain budgets for the FBI? And he simply said yes. So I think that is the only power that we have because we don’t have the Senate. So any bill that we passed to reform the FBI is going to die in the Senate, just like the immigration reform bill we passed last week is going to die in the Senate.”

Rep. Steube also explains why he believes former President Trump is the best option for Republicans in 2024. Listen to the podcast to hear what else he had to say to Joe!