Tip the Self-Checkout?!

Tipping for things you shouldn’t have to tip for is already a problem but now this…

I’m Tomi Lahren, find out next.

I have no problem tipping service workers for their hard work- hairdressers, waitresses, nail technicians and housekeeping-it all makes sense.

Here is what doesn’t, tipping the SELF CHECKOUT MACHINE!

Apparently this is a thing now as stores and companies roll out self-checkout machines. Computers with no humans working on the other end, now prompt customers to provide a tip.

The generated prompts feature a list of percentages and many customers feel obligated to dole out more money because of it!

You have got to be kidding me! Biden-flation is bad enough without a computer shaking us down for extra cash!

These companies are saving money by eliminating human jobs and while that’s every bit their right, I will not be shamed into paying a gratuity to an iPad!

If anything, these computers should give me some of my money back for doing the work of a would-be employee!

This is more than a guilt-trip, it’s really a shameless shakedown!

No no no. If you want to hire a computer, you can pay the computer! I won’t be!

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