Will Martha’s Vineyard Shelter Illegals…NO COMMENT!!

Officials in swanky Martha’s Vineyard won’t say if they’ll be taking illegal immigrants or not…

Come on liberals, I thought this was your thing!

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next!

Remember last September when Governor DeSantis sent about 50 illegal migrants to Martha’s Vineyard?

After initially freaking out, residents pretended to be okay with it… for a day.

But now, unsurprisingly, officials in Martha’s Vineyard haven’t rushed to the rescue after the mass influx of illegals stormed this country in the last couple weeks.

The swanky town has not stepped up to volunteer to house these illegals and haven’t responded when asked by our very own Foxnews digital if they’d be willing to step up to the plate…

This is all so predictable. Liberals love the idea of illegal immigrants…in someone else’s backyard!

I propose all the states that voted for Biden in 2020 get the illegals. Pack all your dreamers into blue cities and states and enjoy.

And as for the holdouts, the patriots, the decent people who are still holding it down in those liberal bastions, those liberal hellholes, get out now. A flood is coming and you better find an ark and a red state like now!

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