The BOMBSHELL Durham Report is just another smoking gun to trip over in this all-too-familiar jog down corruption lane.

Here’s a lie, there’s a lie, everywhere there a LIE LIE!

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Another week, another bombshell.

I wish I could say the Durham report is shocking.

But it’s not. The Trump Russia Collusion hoax was not only a hoax, but a purposeful and brazen hoax perpetrated by Obama, Clinton, the FBI, the CIA and of course, the media.

They all colluded together to take down Trump on false pretenses.

Obama’s FBI had ZERO evidence of Trump-Russia collusion but they kicked off the witch hunt- the first in the series- anyway.

Trump was sabotaged. Imagine all he could’ve gotten done during his presidency if he wasn’t constantly plagued by BS investigations from the activist intelligence agencies!!

The Russia Hoax, the Hunter Biden laptop cover-up, what do they have in store for 2024? I shudder at the thought.

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