Trump CNN Town Hall SHOWDOWN

Donald Trump DOMINATED that CNN Town Hall and the Liberal meltdown proves it!

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Donald Trump did something this week that Joe Biden refuses to do, he sat down with an opposing voice on an opposing network and answered tough questions and let me tell ya..he owned that CNN Town Hall.

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins was no match for Donald Trump and he showed that with each question-even pulling out his own RECEIPTS when she tried to LIE about January 6th.

Trump was in prime form and not only answered each “gotcha” question with ease, but also his trademark humor.

I’ll be honest with y’all, I am still leaning towards DeSantis as our nominee for the simple reason of electability among independents BUT that Town Hall performance by Donald Trump reminded me what a warrior he truly is.

The mainstream media attempts to sabotage and torpedo the man at every turn but he is STILL willing to enter the Lion’s Den and take questions- and that’s something our current president hasn’t done, wouldn’t do and will never do.

I give Trump a 10/10 and it’s safe to say he now figuratively OWNS CNN!

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