The Biden SCAM-ILY

Americans, you are being lied to, manipulated and played for fools and the people who are lying to you- the Democrats, the media, our intelligence agencies- are working together- colluding together- to destroy the only man with the stones to take them all on.

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Thanks to the relentless work of Congressman James Comer and House Oversight, we learned what we’ve already known for months, if not years.

The Biden Crime Family received $10 million dollars from foreign nationals including entities attached to the CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY and did it all through an intricate web of shell companies.

9 Biden family members received these wire transfers including a GRANDCHILD!

What did JOE BIDEN do to get his family paid? What area of our national security did he sell out to line the pockets of his family members and likely himself? What policy decisions were made or WITHHELD to keep that money flowing for years?

Bill and Hillary did the same thing with the Clinton foundation. Democrat crime families run roughshod over this country as the media continually runs cover right alongside our intelligence agencies. This is an abomination!

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