If you’re not exactly sure what Christian Nationalism is, just keep watching or reading mainstream media outlets and you’ll learn a lot of negative things about it, and by default, Christianity. What’s clear is that it’s a term meant to evoke fear and loathing. In fact, the majority of people who’ve heard of Christian Nationalism see it as something negative. Why is that? Because it’s primarily a term liberals wield in order to marginalize conservative Christians who are pro-life, support traditional marriage and gender roles and love America. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, author and radio host Kevin McCullough speaks frankly about how liberals and some left-leaning Christians are using the term to set up the proverbial political bogey man, in order to ‘cancel’ those who use their faith to defend life and family, and that they’re trying to change the narrative about what it means to be Christian. McCullough also has a lot to say about the need to push back against the transgender movement. The country is at a crossroads. Though it is still possible to raise a voice in opposition, McCullough warns that freedom is precariously unstable.