The Senate voted this week to repeal the solar panel tariff suspension against China, as more lawmakers have found common ground on combatting the economic threat of the Chinese Communist Party. President Biden is expected to veto the Senate vote, as the administration continues to seek alternatives for fossil fuels. Former United States Ambassador to the Netherlands Peter Hoekstra joins to discuss the danger of allowing Chinese companies access to manufacture goods in the United States, how the solar panel tariff suspension impacts the United States’ energy goals, and the importance of using economic deterrence against Chinese aggression in the South Pacific.

Senators are divided following Tuesday’s Judiciary Committee hearing after they tried to determine whether or not the Supreme Court should adopt a binding code of ethics. Some are calling it “political theater” and others feel it’s necessary after several justices failed to disclose that they received financial benefits. All nine justices oppose the reform, in an effort to separate politics from the high court. FOX News legal analyst Jonathan Turley joins to discuss the allegations surrounding Justice Clarence Thomas, the motives behind the senators’ decisions to impose a code of ethics, and what reform means for the future of the Supreme Court.