Navy Hires Drag Queen for Recruitment Job

The US Military has a recruitment problem but their solution is so mind-boggling you might want to get some Tylenol.

I’m Tomi Lahren, find out next.

You may have heard the US military is struggling with recruitment right now- partly because of the lingering impact of the COVID vax mandate, partly because our commander-in-chief is a vegetable and partly because the military has gone from a fighting force to a social experiment.

So the federal government stepped in to, well, make it 20 times worse.

The U.S. Navy has enlisted the help of a non-binary drag queen digital ambassador to assist recruitment efforts which leads me to believe the same person consulting Bud Light has consulted our US Military.

Ya know we might all get nuked by China or Russia or Iran but at least we will die “inclusive.”

But why should we be surprised by this? This narrative has been embraced by Hollywood, academia, sports, and the mainstream media, so why not the military at this point?

There are a lot of career paths that may allow for social experimentation, the US military is not one of them.

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