Biden to Send Troops to the Border…To Babysit

The Biden Administration is sending 1,500 US troops to the border but don’t get too excited. This will do nothing to secure it.

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Title 42- the last and only remaining border safeguard we have in place under Joe- is set to expire next week and all hell is about to break loose.

And Joe knows it- or more accurately Joe’s handlers know-this is gonna get real bad and the optics are gonna be horrible for the administration.

They’ve tried pretending there isn’t a problem and when I say pretending I mean..downright lying.

When that didn’t work, the workarounds were set in motion.

The Biden Administration will send 1,500 active duty US troops to the southern border, but not to protect or defend it.

These troops will serve for 90 days in mostly administrative and transport roles.

So there you have it. More glorified babysitters sent down to help illegals get in faster. That’s what this is. These troops are protecting or defending our border!

No, these troops are there- under orders- to aid and abet this whole thing.

This is white glove service here, folks. This isn’t border security and it sure ain’t border ENFORCEMENT.


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