Ultra Right Beer Smashing Sales

The conservative alternative “Ultra Right Beer” is crushing sales.

Bud Light, watch your back!

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After the whole trans Dylan Mulvaney Bud Light partnership, conservatives have been taking their brew business elsewhere. Bud Light has lost billions and while they’ve tried to patch things up, the damage has been done.

Luckily, conservatives now have an alternative after a dad launched his brand “Ultra Right Beer” in response to the woke controversy.

And guess what, he’s crushing it!

Sales are expected to hit 1 million bucks any day now and it’s only been on the market since mid-April.

The brand has gained over 10,000 customers and sold over 20,000 six-packs and counting.

Ultra Right CEO Seth Weathers explains the success of the brand as more than a beer, but a movement.

I’m not for boycotts or cancellation, but I am for competition!

Attention big brands, conservatives shop too and hopefully you won’t forget it!

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