Barbie with Down Syndrome Unveiled

Mattel unveils Barbie with Down syndrome and while some are calling this “woke,” I call it “beautiful.”

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Mattel debuted a new Barbie with down syndrome in an effort “to allow even more children to see themselves in Barbie.”

The doll is a bit shorter, has a longer torso, a round face with smaller ears and almond-shaped eyes. She also wears a blue dress with butterflies as a symbol of Down syndrome awareness.

And while some conservatives are bashing this move as “woke,” I couldn’t disagree more.

There is nothing woke about representing people with down syndrome. One of my closest friends is a special education teacher and her students are some of the most selfless, kind and inspirational human beings I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

As conservatives, we can call out wokeism but we shouldn’t create it where it doesn’t exist. There is absolutely nothing wrong with representing our fellow Americans with disabilities. If anything, they are a reminder and a testament to the American spirit of relentless tenacity and perseverance.

Way to go, Barbie. What a beautiful message in what can sometimes be a dark world.

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