Teacher Caught Threatening Students Who Opposed LGBTQ Lesson

A UK teacher was caught berating and threatening kids who objected to a radical LGBTQ lesson.

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The LGBTQ agenda has infiltrated schools from coast to coast and even across the pond.

Parents are furious after students at one London school captured their teacher berating and threatening those who objected to a lesson about LGBTQ relationships.

The teacher was recorded saying those students who spoke up against this lesson would be “dealt with severely”, that they “didn’t have a choice” and also told them any objection to his teachings essentially made them transphobes.

This might be an example out of the UK but this kind of thing is happening daily in our American schools- both public and private.

This comes as test scores for students continue to plummet and I wonder why…could it be because the education system has shifted from reading, writing and math to woke, more woke, and wokest?!

This is an abomination and as parents continue to be pushed out of their child’s education, now is the time to push back even harder.

It’s no wonder young kids are questioning who and what they are, they spend hours a day in school being indoctrinated.

Parents, were you at?!

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