Resign to Run

BREAKING! The Florida Senate has passed an amendment to the “resign to run” law, clearing the way for Governor DeSantis to make the announcement we’ve been waiting for.

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The Florida legislature has all but cleared the way for their Governor Ron DeSantis to run for president, without giving up the governorship of Florida.

The senate passed the amendment 28-12 and the House version will be heard today.

This means the moment we’ve been waiting for will likely be here sooner than later, Ron DeSantis will announce his bid for the White House in 2024.

It’s been an open secret he’s planning to run for months now and his future opponents have wasted no time attacking what will be their biggest threat.

Donald Trump has repeatedly attacked Ron DeSantis, likely in an effort to keep him from running in the first place.

We all know this nomination battle is between Don and Ron- no one else has a shot.

I look forward to both men earning my vote. Nothing is a given and with the future of our country at stake, both men are gonna have to convince us- AND INDEPENDENTS- that they can win.

The only question now is, when will Ron officially throw his hat in the ring??

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