Team Biden Enlists Help of TikTokers to Win Young Voters

The very old Joe Biden is trying to reach young voters so desperately, he’ll use communist TikTok to do it.

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Tiktok is a communist Chinese platform and a threat to national security but our president doesn’t care, his team is once again enlisting the help of what they deem are “like-minded” but “unpaid” TikTokers to help up Joe’s cool factor.

The Biden campaign will reportedly utilize the voices of 100 Tiktokers to help him connect to young voters.

Influencers are also being given access to the president while he’s traveling. The man will barely take questions from actual journalists but he’ll give social media influencers the time of day?

Oh and get this, Team Biden is reportedly throwing around the idea of giving these influencers their own briefing room at the WHITE HOUSE!

These influencers have no credentials, mind you, none.

Is this some kind of a joke?

Are young voters really dumb enough to support Joe Biden because TikTok personalities say so?

And let’s not forget folks, TikTok is a Chinese communist spy apparatus but Team Joe doesn’t care if it puts our national security at risk if it’ll help him in the polls.

Shameful and insulting.

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