CA Gov Newsom Sends National Guard to San Fran

California Governor Gavin Newsom is sending the National Guard AND Highway Patrol to San Francisco to deal with the fentanyl crisis.

As you can tell, the Golden State is doing just dandy.

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The fentanyl crisis in this country is responsible for over a hundred thousand deaths and counting and if you’ve been on the streets of any major Democrat run city, you’ll see it firsthand.

Well things are so bad in San Francisco, Governor Newsom has deployed both the National Guard AND the California Highway Patrol to help curb the drug trafficking.

But wait, Newsom is also the same man who refuses to deploy the national guard to the southern border of his state to prevent this deadly drug from coming into our nation and his state, in the first place!

Newsflash Gavin, you can deploy all the forces you want, in lawless California it’s not gonna make a dang bit of difference!

Folks, this man may very well run for president in 2024 even though his own state is in literal shambles.

My word of advice to all that haven’t had the misfortune of living under his rule, DO NOT CALIFORNIA OUR AMERICA!

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