Democrats Blind to Blue City Lawlessness

The House Judiciary Committee held a “victims of violent crime” hearing in New York City and Democrats responded exactly as you’d expect.

Crime, what crime?!

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Crime is skyrocketing in blue cities but if you ask the Democrats, they’ll tell you it’s all just a figment of our MAGA imagination.

This week the House Judiciary Committee held a field hearing on violent crime in New York City. Witnesses included police officers, victims and victims’ families but according to Democrat Rep Hank Johnson, all those folks are “props in a MAGA Broadway production.”

Oh, and apparently Republicans like Congressman Jim Jordan are just ” “jackbooted thugs.”

Um gaslight, much?

Here’s the thing about the culture of lawlessness, it impacts all Americans of all races and all political affiliations.

Democrats are doing their darndest to keep the spotlight off the mess they’ve created by focusing on guns but that gig is up!

As much as Democrats would like Republicans to stay away from the major issue of lawlessness and violent crime, too bad!

Someone has to clean up the mess!

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