Robert O’Brien Reacts To Trump Indictment: ‘This Is Not Who We Are As A Country’

Listen To The Full Interview Below:

Robert O’Brien, Former National Security Advisor of the United States under the Trump administration joined the Guy Benson Show to discuss the war in Ukraine, China’s threats over Taiwan’s leader’s visit to the U.S., and the indictment of former President Trump.

O’Brien reacted to Trump’s indictment saying,

“Well, I’m heartbroken for America. This is not who we are as a country that we indict our former political leaders. But what I what I’m really saddened by and this goes to my work as a hostage envoy and someone who’s concerned about political prisoners and human rights. This is a gut punch by the Manhattan D.A. to political prisoners around the world. And you can imagine a guy, a U.N. envoy, a Swiss diplomat, an American envoy going into one of these authoritarian regimes and demanding the release of a political prisoner, a student, a missionary, an opposition leader, a labor leader. And that. Mid-level bureaucrat in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of one of the in Iran or Russia or China or some tinpot dictatorship is going to look and say, you know what, we saw that America, the ruling party in America, just indicted and is trying to imprison the former president and the leading political candidate on the opposite side, the opposition party. And so so we understand your concern, but what we see how America does it instead of our business and for the people in the cells, in the gulags and in the dungeons in Iran and the concentration camps or reeducation camps in China, who are maybe seen as a glimmer of light out of their window because there was a shining city on the hill called America that gave them some hope. That shining city on the hill just got a little dimmer, and the light in that prison cell got a little dimmer. And that’s a very sad thing.