Andrew McCarthy On Trump Indictment: ‘Terribly Abusive’

Listen To The Full Interview Below:

Andrew McCarthy, Fox News Contributor and Former Assistant U.S. Attorney For the Southern District Of New York joined the Guy Benson Show to react to the Manhattan grand jury indictment of former President Donald Trump over his alleged hush money payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels.

McCarthy reacted to the official indictment saying,

“I think this is important. I don’t think it’s getting enough attention, but it’s a tactic by abuse of prosecutors who have weak cases to load up on quantity, what they lack in quality, to try to signal the jury that this guy must be a really bad guy, otherwise the state wouldn’t have charged so many crimes against it. In fact, there’s Justice Department guidance that tells federal prosecutors not to do this sort of thing, and that in most indictments, even with multiple defendants, you can get by with 15 counts and no more. So I just think this is terribly abusive.”