Taliban Boasts American Swag Left Behind

I’m not saying we should’ve stayed in Afghanistan but uh, maybe we shoulda taken our equipment with us when we left, just a thought, Joe.

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I thought we should’ve withdrawn from Afghanistan years ago.

But the way Commander Joe Biden Brandon handled that withdrawal in August of 2021 was, well like everything else he’s done to date, a disaster and a deadly one at that.

And to make matters worse, the US left behind more than $7 billion in military equipment and if you’re wondering who now has it..well it’s a little terrorist network known as the Taliban.

And now they are rubbing it on our faces with a snapshot of their new swag posted online.

We provided them with equipment which consisted of: 78 aircraft, roughly 9,500 air-to-ground munitions, 40,000 vehicles, over 300,000 weapons and nearly all specialized night vision, surveillance and biometric technology!

But do you think the US will learn from our mistakes? Heck no!

It looks like we are on the same path with our propping up of Ukraine!

The military industrial complex is happy but we the people are getting ripped off!

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