ESPN Honors Bio Male for Women’s History Month

ESPN honors and man for women’s history month.

What a slap in the face!

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It’s the last week of women’s history month and at this rate women’s sports as we know then will be a relic of the past.

ESPN- once a network dedicated to sports- has now shifted into full-blown wokeism and that was evidenced yet again as the network celebrated bio male collegiate swimmer Lia Thomas for its women’s history month tribute.

Lia Thomas is not a female and not brave, Lia Thomas is a narcissist and a joke and if the women of ESPN had any integrity, they’d walk out over this farce.

As ACTUAL female and former Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines noted on social media, Lia Thomas took a spot away from a true female who worked hard to EARN it!

Why are we still pretending this is acceptable? Women’s sports are on the brink of extinction at this rate and all while the party of supposed “feminism” cheers it on.

Which party is ACTUALLY waging a war against women? You tell me!

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