Tragedy in Nashville

The tragedy at Covenant School here in Nashville will not be politically convenient for the Left to address.

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Utter tragedy struck Nashville this week and as a Nashvillian, it hits home quite literally.

6 people including 3 kids under the age of 10 were mowed down by a psychopath before Nashville police stepped in and eliminated the threat.

I won’t say the shooters name as they do not deserve notoriety but I will say this 28 year-old monster was a biological female who identified as a man.

We have yet to be given a motive but the Democrats are already screaming for gun control.

But what about mental health and specifically the mental illness and body dysmorphia that is associated with trans gender affirming propaganda?

Will the Democrats and mainstream media acknowledge this potential factor or ignore it as it’s not politically convenient for their purposes?

You don’t solve tragedy by taking away the rights of law abiding Americans. You help to lessen tragedy by having a real conversation about mental health. The mental health of our young people has been greatly damaged by lockdowns, social media use, and yes, the radical LGBTQ movement.

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